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Hi there, my name is Sylvia

I am a freelance writer who tries to inject the scent of fresh air into every piece I write. I contribute print and online features on everything outdoor adventure, nature, wildlife, and beyond, to a variety of publications. My writing combines outdoor experiences—whether in my Canadian Rockies backyard or abroad—with witty, informative storytelling.

I am fascinated with wild places, and the life, culture, and inspiration they contain, and am passionate about encouraging others to explore these places. When I'm not crafting an article or hiking mountains with my children on my back, you can find me playing with bees, gardening, practicing photography and painting… all while weaving stories together in my mind.

Have a look around, and feel free to shoot me a message!

"Sylvia is a pleasure to work with. Not only are her responses and submissions timely and professional, she's clearly an expert in her field. She's easy going with revisions and keen to take on assignments. I highly recommend her as a nature/outdoors writer." 

Alison Karlene Hodgins, Editor at Explore Magazine

The article "caught my attention with it's easy readability mixed with a bit of homeyness mixed with a bit of real-life experience mixed with humor and wit. I so enjoyed it that I had to let you know. This girl has talent."

GrowerTalks Reader

"I love the article - well written as always!"

Tony Van Oort