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From print features (Born to be Wild: Spring 2024, Baby Bellies and Backpacks: Fall 2021) to how to figure out what wildlife has been on the trail ahead of you, tips on finding water in the winter and the benefits of spending time in nature, take a dive into what I've contributed to Explore right here!


BC Outdoors Magazine

Read articles I wrote on hunting and foraging topics, including tasty treats you can find out there, the story of a frozen footed hunt, and ways to spice up Thanksgiving dinner with wild eats!


Outdoor Women's Alliance

Camping in the winter comes with it's fair share of challenges. When you're more lizard than human, these challenges can become mountains.

Cold Blooded: Surviving a Winter Camp with Raynaud's

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Beekeeping words

You need words about beekeeping, honey bees, wild bees and other pollinators. I've got them!


American Bee Journal

I've covered a variety of topics for ABJ, including how bees navigate, why honey is useful in hospitals, and other stories.

These pieces are print only. Please contact me for clips.


Volunteer Work and Guest Posts

Volunteering for Bees Abroad, a charity dedicated to relieving poverty through beekeeping, has opened up a whole new world for me, where beekeeping is more than just a hobby and can save and change lives.

Bright Future with Bees in BeesCene Magazine and on the Bees Abroad website

Improved Pollination Enhancing Ugandan Lives in BeeCraft Magazine

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How to Incorporate IPM (Integrated Pest Management) in Your Garden or Beekeeping Practice at Palm Pike Apiary


Hobby Farms: Beekeeping 101

Beekeepers must be ready to battle some nasty beasts in the quest to keep their bees happy and strong.

Keep a Healthy Hive

Available in print only


Pilgrim Magazine

I was once afraid of honey bees, now I keep them. Read the story of how that shifted into being addicted to their smells, feel and sounds below!

Captive: From Beekeepers Daughter to Bee-Fevered Woman

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Plant and Horticulture Words

My crops and horticulture major comes in handy when writing about anything plants, insects, IPM, gardening and beyond!

Grower Talks

As a guest columnist, rotational columnist and feature contributor, I wrote words for the horticulture industry on sweet science, disease identification, public knowledge about biological control (including using wasps), having six legs at a career fair, the value of teamwork and beyond.

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Gardener's Path

There are always new articles on plant pest management and gardening appearing here, including how to identify and deal with thrips, earwigs (eww) and birds on blueberries, the magic of periodical cicadas, and how to grow a huge variety of plants and flowers, such as prairie onion, chocolate mint and mock orange.

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"The article is excellent. Just what I wanted. If you ever get tired of growing plants and hiking in BC, you should move to Chicago and write for GrowerTalks."

Jennifer Zurko
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"Can I just say that this is SO BAD A**! Thank you so much for writing this, its perfection and so informative!"

Tasha Trujillo
Palm Pike Apiary

"I love the article - well written as always!"

Tony Van Oort
Qualitree Propagators

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