Welcome! What Can I do for you?

Here's what I do:


Feature articles to blog posts...

Entertainment to education...

Conversational to academic...

I am intrigued with what you are doing!

While my personal expertise and interest lies in certain areas such as:

outdoor pursuits


beekeeping and its adventures

horticulture science

agricultural science

pyrogravure and other art,

I am always excited to learn about new things and whatever you are thinking is probably not an exception.

Head over to my portfolio to see if you've found a writer fit for your project!

Illustration, Art, Design

Logos to book covers...

Illustrations to wall art...

I doodle all over the pages I draft my articles on. Writing and art are parallel interests I've had since I could hold a pencil (whether coloured or trusty, versatile graphite).

Find my artistic side on Instagram @penoffire