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Outdoor Women's Alliance: Cold-Blooded: Surviving a Winter Camp With Raynaud’s

Explore Magazine

What Insect is That? Identifying Little Critters on the Trail

Why You Should Keep an Adventure Journal

BC Outdoors Magazine: Wild Edibles-Tasty Treats Grow Across the Province, If You Know What To Look For

Cool of the Wild: If British Columbia Itself Could Recommend 5 Day-Hikes


Cold Blooded: Surviving a Winter Camp with Raynaud's

Camping in the winter comes with it's fair share of challenges, and when you're more lizard than human these challenges can become mountains.

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American Bee Journal (only available in print)

Hobby Gone Huge: Ontario Flower Farmer Grows Into Commercial Beekeeper

Just a Spoon Full of Honey

BeesCene Magazine: Bright Future with Bees (also published at Bees Abroad)

Pilgrim Magazine: Captive-From Beekeeper's Daughter to Bee-Fevered Woman

Palm Pike Apiary: How to Incorporate IPM (Integrated Pest Management) in Your Garden or Beekeeping Practice


Captive- From Beekeeper's Daughter to Bee-Fevered Woman

I LOVE my bees, but I haven't always felt this way. In this story, published by Pilgrim Magazine, I describe getting over my fear, becoming a beekeeper and why I love beekeeping so much. Give it a read and/or drool over the bright, Queen (bee) approved photographs scattered in between my words.

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GrowerTalks Magazine

Horticulturalist by training, I contributed to the Ball Publishing GrowerTalks magazine for several years as a guest columnist and finally as a rotational columnist, publishing feature articles along the way. I talked science, experiences and industry culture... read further below!

"The article is excellent. Just what I wanted. If you ever get tired of growing plants and hiking in BC you should move to Chicago and write for Grower Talks" ~ Jennifer, editor

Having Six Legs at a Career Fair

... being the two buggiest of Qualitree’s peeps, our booth featured Riana’s personal insect collection and a petri dish of Hypoaspis miles (Stratiolaelaps scimitus) under the scope for kids to check out...

Sweet Science

The year I took the mandatory Food and Nutrition course marked the 100th year of ice cream research at the University of Guelph...

There's a Bug on My Plant!

...with continual loss of chemical tools and a greater understanding and concern for human and environmental health, using biological controls is becoming more and more of an industry standard.

Wasps: A Love-Hate Relationship

Last fall, hundreds of yellow-and-black-striped jerks invaded, killed off and cleaned out our small apiary...

Eyes Mandatory, Degree Optional

...most fungal diseases produce distinguishing structures, like kids leave fingerprints, which is why I like having a microscope...

High Qualitree Teamwork

All this—the company growth, the quality plants, the grower support and communication—would have stayed just a dream on paper without, as Tony described it, “a great team of A players that are all pedaling in the same direction.”

"...caught my attention with it's easy readability mixed with a bit of real-life experience mixed with a bit of homeyness mixed with a bit of real-life experience mixed with humor and wit. I so enjoyed it... this girl has talent..." ~ Grower Talks reader

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